Dr. Mike DeningerWelcome to the website of Dr. Mike Deninger and Phoenix Counseling & Hypnotherapy. Dr. Mike is an accomplished educator, mental health therapist, public speaker and trainer whose memoir, Snakes in My Dreams: A Mental Health Therapist’s Odyssey from Hardship to Healer, portrays his deeply personal story of abuse, forgotten memories, perseverance and triumph over adversity (read more about Dr. Mike). Phoenix Counseling & Hypnotherapy was established by Dr. Mike in Alexandria, Virginia in 2000 and soon after earned a reputation for excellence in the provision of counseling, hypnotherapy and alternative mental health approaches (read Washington Times article about Dr. Mike’s work). In time, Phoenix developed specializations in the treatment of trauma, habits, anxiety, and acute and post traumatic stress disorders. Between its founding and the end of 2011, more than three thousand individuals had been served by Phoenix.

But with the publication of Snakes in My Dreams the mission of Phoenix is changing. Direct services to patients are being phased out, and Dr. Mike will be focusing his efforts exclusively on writing, training and speaking publically about all aspects of trauma.

While promoting his memoir and planning a second book, Dr. Mike will be adding his voice to the fight against abuse and sexual violence and helping to foster understanding of the nature of trauma and efficient and effective approaches to resolving its symptoms. As a survivor of sexual abuse and a specialist in the treatment of acute and post traumatic stress, Dr. Mike is uniquely qualified to address these issues.

In keeping with this shift in emphasis, Dr. Mike has joined forces with Male Survivor: The International Organization Against Male Sexual Victimization and will serve as a board member, speaking out on survivor issues and representing the organization in the public arena. Male Survivor is a national organization that provides support and healing resources for male survivors of sexual abuse and their loved ones. To learn more about the Male Survivor mission and its extensive work go to www.malesurvivor.org.

Dr. Mike will continue to provide training and mentoring to mental health professionals in alternative therapies that have been used successfully at Phoenix. These include Eye Movement Integration™, Ericksonian Hypnotherpy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Dr. Mike is a certified trainer of each of these techniques and is known as an expert in the use of EMI™ (more about EMI™). A practical guide for therapists in the clinical uses of EMI™ is currently under development.

On May 31, 2012, the Phoenix office at 101 S. Whiting St. in Alexandria closed and Dr. Mike ceased providing continuous therapy to clients as he had for over 15 years. He is available, however, to see clients referred by other therapists for short-term treatment of acute and post traumatic stress, situation specific anxiety and negative or self limiting thoughts. He is also available to consult with other therapists regarding the treatment of trauma survivors or to mentor other therapists in the use of alternative approaches. The Phoenix brand and organization will continue through this website, and its related Facebook page, Blog and Twitter account. We invite you to follow Dr. Mike’s work via these pages.